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New Department Announcement regarding Coronavirus and Temporary Visa Holders

The Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, The Hon Alan Tudge MP has announced changes to help facilitate the needs of those who may be stood down or lose hours of work as a result of the coronavirus. Some of these changes include:

International Students

  • Ability to access Australian Superannuation

  • Ability to work up to 40 hours per fortnight

  • Further engagement to provide financial support including school fee discounts

New Zealanders on Subclass 444 Visa

  • 444 visa holders who arrived after 2001 have access to the JobKeeper payment.

  • Those who have lived in Australia for 10 years or more have access to JobSeeker payments for six months.

Temporary Skilled Visa holders

  • Those stood down, but not laid off, will maintain their visa validity and businesses will have the opportunity to extend their visa as per normal arrangements.

  • Ability to access up to $10,000 of superannuation this financial year.

  • Businesses will be able to reduce the hours of the visa holder without the person being in breach of their visa condition.

  • Those holding a 4-year visa, stood down and will be re-employed after the coronavirus – the time spent in Australia will count towards your permanent residency skilled work experience requirements.

  • Those who have been laid off are advised to secure a new sponsor or return home in line with existing visa conditions.

Working Holiday makers supporting critical sectors

  • If you work in the critical sectors: health, aged and disability care, agriculture and food processing, and child care will be exempt from the six month work limitation with the one employer and eligible for a further visa to keep working in these critical sectors if your current visa is due to expire in the next six months.

  • Ability to access Australian Superannuation if needed for support.

  • Further announcements will be made with the Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister in relation to supporting the agricultural sector, including the operation of the Seasonal Worker Program and Pacific Labour Scheme.

The Department further advises for those who do not have the confidence in sustaining themselves in consideration of the recent changes should make arrangements to leave the country.

Should you require further information, please see the link here: Please contact our office on (02) 9283 5290 for further assistance.

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