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COVID-19 impact on temporary tourist and working visas.

Due to the new travel bans put in place, there has been a high volume of tourist visa holders moving on to bridging visas to avoid being in breach of conditions and becoming unlawful, while many other visa holders find themselves in strife as they are unable to meet work requirements.

The Migration Council of Australia has raised their concerns for those who are impacted by unemployment and inability to have access to Centrelink as the closure of businesses continue to rise. Labor further raised their concerns for temporary visa holders who have families, children, rental payments and cannot get financial support or medical treatments. As such, could be left with no choice and forced to keep working or seeking work.

The Department has said that applications for new visas should be made before a current visa expires, and if a current visa holder had a “no further stay” condition, then “a request to waive this condition must be made”.

Please refer here for more information:…/two-million-temporary-visa-ho…

Concerns for multiple entry tourist visas who can’t meet visa conditions, and those on temporary work visas who would be vulnerable in event of a downturn

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