I’m a student from Poland and I met my husband in Australia. I just want to thank the principal and associates of York Immigration Services Australia for lodging my spouse application so quickly and successfully – I obtained my spouse visa after 2 months!

Thank you for helping me to stay with my husband.

Joanna, happily married student.

My wife and I have loved each other for a very long time. We married in Armenia. I was devastated when my wife’s application for a spouse visa was rejected. We loved each other deeply, yet because of all this bureaucracy we could not be together. However, York Immigration Services Australia has allowed us to be together. We were advised to take our matter to the Migration Review Tribunal and with the expert representation of York Immigration Services Australia we were successful. Shahen Davityan, the principal, and his staff had the courage to believe that my wife and I truly were meant to be together. Now my wife and I are happily married and living in Australia.

Thank you


I want to thank York Immigration Services Australia for the advice that they’ve given me. I found the immigration laws of Australia very confusing, but York Immigration Services Australia sure made things a lot easier. They explained everything and outlined all the things that I would need. They followed up on matters and would tell me what I needed to bring or do. I really felt that my application was being handled properly. It was great. I thought immigration would be a headache, but it wasn’t at all.

Thanks guys!


Thank you with my business skills application. It has taken a lot of trouble off my mind, especially with your office managing everything for me. I have always felt very comfortable with your quality of work and good luck in the future.

Best wishes,


Dear Shahen

I wish to thank you for assisting my application for a spouse visa to stay with my wife in Australia. Do you remember how I told you I was so scared I would lose her when she left Vienna? It seems so far away now; the future that we have together is here and very real. It was with courage, and especially with your assistance, that I could stay with her. During my application I was worried that I would have to leave because I was only here on a visitor’s visa, but the competency and efficiency with which your office managed my application, allowed me to fulfill my future hopes and dreams within a matter of a few short months.

Thank you and Noosha sends her best wishes.


They say that love is blind, though sometimes it may be true to say that other people are blind to love. It was a shock to find that my initial sponsorship for a spouse visa was rejected – it was disturbing to find that the Department did not believe that my wife and I loved each other. Thanks for following our matter with the Migration Review Tribunal. I must admit I was overwhelmed by the rigorous quality of work done by your office – asking for my emails to be submitted to the Tribunal! Now that I think about it, I suppose that was the amount of detail we should have submitted in our original application. Continue with your excellent level of work. I know that you will continue to unite loving couples together.


de Bricout

Fidelma and I would just like to extend our thanks to your office for taking care of all our applications. Working in Australia has been a great opportunity and we hope that we’ll be able to stay permanently.

Thanks for your help in arranging Adrian’s trades assessment and for all our temporary and bridging visas. There’s just been so much to do! I’m still surprised at the number of things we’ve had to send to your office, like our old school reports, but then it would be rather silly of us to sit an English exam, with us coming from Ireland. We never realised there was so much involved with an application, but because you’ve put so much effort into it – and the results we’ve been getting – we realise that you’re doing a good job. We also want to thank you for putting Fidelma on the applications; it’s just been great for our relationship, living together in Australia.


Matthew and Fidelma